Service One


  • Owner appoints his trusted Agent to protect his interests and also to handle husbandry services. Owner pays a nominal fee and also reimburses expenses on husbandry services to Agent. OPA may also need to handle owner’s funds/disbursements. OPA monitors the costs/services of CAN/OAA and reports to owners. OPA also handles matters related to PSC, Taxation, Port, Port Health, Customs, Immigration Departments, etc
  • Delivery of CTMs
  • Clearance and delivery of spares / crew mail, etc
  • Supply of Bunkers, Lube oil, Fresh Water, Provisions and Stores, etc.
  • Crew Changes/ Ticketing / Hotel Bookings, etc.
  • Removal/disposal of oil residues /waste / garbage, etc as per state regulations.
  • Technical Services- Repairs/Marine equipment / underwater inspection / Dry Docking, etc.
  • Co-ordination/ facilitating attendance of Class Inspectors.
  • Vessel On / Off Hire Survey co-ordination / importation / Conversion- Reversion / Charter permission / Coastal Licence.
  • Appointment of cargo surveyors.
  • Attending to Customs / Taxation Summons / Cargo loss claims.

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Service Two


  • In line with the option, if provided in charter party terms, owner appoints his Agent. Agent’s fees, etc are borne by owner. Services rendered – Obtaining Customs’ clearances, providing updates on vessel operations, endeavoring quick turn-round of vessel, handling owner’s funds and submitting an account of Port / Customs, etc charges and minimising / saving owner’s expenses, co-ordination with charterers, etc.

Service Three


  • In line with the option, if provided in charter party terms, charterer nominates his preferred Agent to owner for appointment. Agent’s fees, etc are borne by owner. Services rendered – Obtaining Customs’ clearances, providing updates on cargo / vessel status, documentation, taxation formalities, obtaining charter permission, co-ordination with owners / Terminals / Surveyors, etc.

Our Services


  • Operations Department manned & operated basis 24 x 7.
  • Being locals, Atlantic Global Shipping Branch Office staff maintain excellent rapport with Terminal, Port, Customs, Income Tax, Immigration authorities and capable of handling / resolving any complicated issues smoothly.
  • Handling petroleum, chemicals, vegetable oils, iron ore, coal, fertilizers, food grains, general cargo, passenger, naval, & demolition.
  • In compliance with the company’s regulations, being ISO 9001:2008 certified, all inward / outward communications are handled at the Head Office level. The mode of communication followed is not only on line / emails, but also whatsapp, telecom etc. On daily basis to report timely to all concerned about vessel / cargo related activities, objective being achievement of quick turn – round of vessels.
  • Smooth handling of freight-tax procedures on exports.
  • Handling husbandry matters including clearances from Port Health and Immigration Authorities, chandelling, bunkering/fresh water supplies, clearance and delivery / dispatch of Marine Machinery / spares to / from vessels.
  • Specialized in handling conversion of vessel status from foreign to coastal run and vice-versa for coastal movements.
  • Providing most competitive PDA at the same time maintaining quality of services. Also closely monitoring the costs incurred during vessels’ Port stay so as to minimize expenses & endeavor that the costs are below the PDA amounts approved by vessel owners.

Our Services


  • Obtaining Vessel acceptance from Port Authorities.
  • Co-ordination and assistance on Port State Control Inspections and P& I club matters.
  • Developed CD containing Vital Shipping Information on Indian Ports. Same also available on our website.
  • Obtaining charter permission and voyage license for foreign flag vessels from Director General of Shipping, Mumbai.
  • Organising business meetings with any Indian Importers / Exporters, vessel Owners / Charterers, Port / Customs / Tax Authorities, etc.
  • All Branch offices are well equipped with the latest communication systems and VHF facility. Mobile telephone is provided to every vessel during Port stay for smooth flow of communication between Master and the Branch Office / Owners / Charterers / Terminals, etc.
  • Designed India Maps showing Liquid Cargo Handling Infrastructure and information for handling Ship Management Services at Indian Ports. Same also available on our website.
  • Having Data Bank on Imports/Exports handled at Indian Ports.
  • Maintaining daily all India Ports Position on our website for Tanker Vessels.
  • Circulating Reports on Port and Other Developments and Scenario on Oil and Other Commodities in India.
  • Providing Port Captaincy Services for smooth cargo discharging / loading to achieve quick turn-round of vessel.
  • Providing legal assistance to vessel Owners / Charterers as and when required on any shipping related disputes in India.
  • Attending to Customs Show Cause Notices and Summons / Appeals / Hearings on disputes related to Duty Payments / Penalties / Cargo losses on behalf of owners, through in-house professional Customs Department.